LiberRATE logo Cost estimating software

LiberRATE operates on a unique 5 library database, meaning you quote an item or project once, then it is saved to the library for later use.

With 13 reports at your fingertips it is easy to plan, manage and run landscape projects straight from LiberRATE

Quoting commercial works? Import Bill of Quantities from tender documents, or create your own as you go

Import supplier price lists direct to the library, or add individual items as you work

Need to make changes to the quote? Duplicate the project and create a new quote in minutes

Understand the Cost of Sale, Overheads and Profit of each and every landscape project

Go mobile! Track and report your landscape projects in real time from your tablet or phone using the excel app

Plan and schedule work, according to accurately estimated timelines

LiberRATE landscape estimating software operates on a library database, reducing the time it takes to quote a project LiberRATE  landscape estimating software produces reports to help you plan manage and run projects using Reports Import bill of quantities and supplier price lists straight to LiberRATE  landscape estimating software  estimating software LiberRATE  landscape estimating software allows you to import bill of quantities and supplier price lists quickly LiberRATE  landscape estimating software  allows you to duplicate projects quickly LiberRATE  landscape estimating software  shows you the cost of sale, overheads and profit margin of each job or project You can track your landscape projects from your mobile device using the excel app LiberRATE's reports allow you to plan, manage and schedule work accurately

Special feature designed to increase accuracy of quoting landscape maintenance work