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Take the time and pain out of estimating

Go Mobile! Track and report projects in real time, using your tablet or phone

Understand the Cost of Sale, Overheads and Profit of each project

Plan and schedule work, according to accurately estimated information

LiberRATE  landscape estimating software helps you plan and schedule landscape projects LiberRATE  landscape estimating software  helps you budget , track and run landscape projects LiberRATE  landscape estimating software reduces the it takes to quote landscape projects Track and run LiberRATE  landscape estimating projects on your mobile device, using the excel app

LiberRATE is landscape estimating software that thinks like you do!

LiberRATE ensures that the work you win will make you a profit, by transparently setting out the cost and profit for each project. LiberRATE is quick and easy to learn, and will save you valuable time when you quote landscape projects. LiberRATE reports are designed to help you track and run projects, ensuring you meet your targets every time.


At LiberRATE we value our customers, so full technical support and training is available to all our clients, even while you trial our software.


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Landscape estimating & project management software, designed by landscapers for landscapers.


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