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LNA - Gold Partners

By Anna Turner, Sep 27 2016 11:34AM

We have some exciting news, LiberRATE is the newest corporate partners of the LNA Master Landscapers Association. We cannot wait to meet and get to know all you LNA members over the next 12 months. If you see us at an event please, please come and introduce yourself, we are very friendly!

In other LNA news, we are currently in the thick of updating the LNA Rates book. This task is mammoth, as you can imagine, but also very, very interesting. It has already forwarded us the opportunity to contact, and get to know, some members, who have all been a delight!

If you have any suggestions, opinions or beefs with the rates book, now is the time to speak up. Drop Anna a line at the LiberRATE office, she is very interested in the views of all LNA members. The aim is to make the next rates book the best one yet, and we are right on track to do so.

If we don’t hear from you before, we look forward to meeting you at the awards night in October. Put your dancing shoes on, it’s going to be a fun night!



Sep 28 2016 03:01AM by Anna

Awesome news!

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